Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Solo Exhibition Home Video

7 - 21 November 2017

With her works as presented in this exhibition, Katrina Lezaic, in part, salutes absence, missing and grief. A way to get over the pain of loss by wearing out the same story through sheer repetition: a video on loop. A kind of exorcism! An intimacy with absence. But as well, it offers a new way of representing presences or spirits. It is not that the figures have been removed but the symbols for the figures are there to say what the figures said – a kind of direct communion between the artist and the viewer, a touchstone of her reverence and devotion. Perhaps too, it is a distilling of moments filled with possibility, moments heard about but never directly experienced, a documenting of those moments, a personal response to the joy that was missed, a way to make it exist. 

"Contemporary at its best, with a classic twist. An old world elegance." - Laura Hayter, Poet and Writer

"Fantastic." - Alan Jones, Artist

"Clean, considered and sophisticated." - Todd Fuller, Artist and Curator


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